About Slovenia Games Conference

Read about what you can expect at SGC.

What is Slovenia Games Conference

Slovenia Games Conference is a one-day event where industry professionals and enthusiasts come together to celebrate the games industry as a whole. Bringing together the local community and the communities abroad, the conference is the perfect opportunity for networking, learning, exchanging ideas, and having fun in a very casual, relaxed environment. Attendees include programmers, artists, game designers, producers, business leaders, and future industry professionals.

Key features:
· Game development tracks that provide the attendees with a number of lectures and panels from acclaimed industry professionals.
· Indie Expo that allows various indie developers to showcase their projects and compete for the Best Indie Game and Audience Choice awards.
· A lot of space dedicated to any sort of networking activities, meetings, or simply taking a break from all the lectures.

At the conference, you will have a chance of connecting with game developers from all over the region and make some new friends on the way. You will be able to learn how other game developers make amazing games and gain an insight into how (not) to run a game dev business. For career seekers, the conference is a great opportunity to meet representatives from dozens of companies in a very casual environment, and learn more about their HR processes and how to make your way into the industry.

Game Development Tracks

Slovenia Games Conference will feature a number of tracks, filled with various talks primarily related to game development, art, design, marketing and business. At the 2019 edition of the Slovenia Games Conference, attendees were able to enjoy two game dev tracks, an art track, and a student track dedicated to everyone looking to enter the industry.

More information regarding this year’s program will be announced soon. Feel free to follow Slovenia Games on social media for any sort of announcements regarding the conference.

Indie Expo

SGC Indie Expo is an area dedicated to indie game developers and studios looking to showcase their games to hundreds of industry professionals and enthusiasts attending the event, including potential publishers and investors. Being the largest area at the conference and the main hub for hanging around, Indie Expo will also provide you with the opportunity to do some quality networking.

Applications for the Indie Expo are FREE. Selected game developers will receive up to two free tickets and one indie presentation table. As the number of the tables is limited, they will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Best Indie Game & Audience Choice Awards

All indie games presented at the Indie Expo will be eligible for the Best Indie Game and Audience Choice awards. The former will be presented by a jury of industry professionals, while the latter will be based on how popular your game is among the general audience.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a non-profit, volunteer-driven event, Slovenia Games Conference offers a ton of attractive sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in supporting the conference, feel free to reach out directly to sgc@sloveniagames.com, and we’ll make sure to provide you with all the relevant information. Got an idea about unique sponsorship? Sure! We’re open to all sorts of crazy ideas, and would be happy to talk to you!