About Slovenia Games

About SGDA - Slovenia Games

Slovenia Games is a non-profit, volunteer-driven association that evolved from the community site SloGameDev that has been active since 2003. We are an association focused on keeping the industry together, a knowledge/information center, and a networking hub with the goal to support, connect, inform and promote the Slovenian digital games industry on a national and international level. On top of the annual Slovenian Games Conference, we also organize monthly meetups, workshops and game jams.

Become a Member

Our members are game-related companies, educational institutions, professionals, freelancers, and various other partners. We are an open organization for professionals and experts and we welcome everyone involved in the interactive video game industry sector, ranging from development, art, production, marketing and sales, to those who are looking to start a career in this prosperous industry.
If you are interested in joining the association, make sure to send us a message.

Support the Slovenia Games Conference

As a non-profit, volunteer-driven event, Slovenia Games Conference offers a ton of attractive sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in supporting the conference, feel free to reach out directly to sgc@sloveniagames.com, and we’ll make sure you’re provided with all the relevant details. Got an idea about unique sponsorship? Sure! We’re open to all sorts of crazy ideas, and would be happy to talk to you!