Slovenian Games Industry

About the Slovenian Games Industry

While relatively small, the Slovenian games industry definitely has a lot to offer. With companies both big and small, the local industry is growing constantly, achieving new milestones on the way. Some of the most successful and notable titles in Slovenia are the My Talking Tom franchise, Mordhau, Swamp Attack, Tinker Island, and Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, with a ton of other indie games keeping them company.

Companies in Slovenia

While strongest on mobile and PC markets, the companies in the Slovenian games industry are a fairly diverse bunch. You can check the majority of our companies down below.

Random Salad Games
Tricky Tribe


An estimated number of 400 people are employed in the video game sector in Slovenia, with more and more joining every year. With the rapidly expanding IT and creative sectors, Slovenia boasts with a highly skilled workforce in various game development-related fields, most notably programming and art. Looking at the numbers of university students currently enrolled in related programs, the number of talented people eager to work in the games industry is only expected to grow.


Powered by Slovenia Games and the companies in the region, the local games community is pretty strong, and is expected to grow even stronger in the future. As such, a number of game development-related events take place each year.

By far the biggest industry event in the region is the Slovenia Games Conference. As an event that also attracts various company representatives from abroad, it is a perfect place for the entire community to come together and do some quality networking (and vice-versa for everyone who is interested in the Slovenian games industry). Among the smaller-scale events, you will find monthly meetups and game jams, all of them serving as a very comfy way of meeting new industry professionals and enthusiasts.