Game Production Masterclass

An end-to-end video game production course

Slovenia Games Association and Reveris accelerator in cooperation with the Center for Creativity, in collaboration with local game development companies and universities are introducing a professional course on producing video games. The program follows the production process end-to-end, from market research and ideation to financing and publishing. Participants will get 14 high-intensity lectures distributed over 14 weeks, delivered by experts from Slovenia and the region.

Game Production Masterclass

A 3-month course on end-to-end production of video games

A course on end-to-end production of video games, delivered by industry veterans, supported by key companies and organizations in Slovenia.

Mentors from the industry

Endorsed and supported by the best game dev companies in the region

  • Game Production Masterclass Curriculum

    (each Tuesday from 1. 3. 2022 to 14. 6. 2022. at 17.00)

  •  - 
    Game production overview, industry overview, genres, tasks and challenges.

  •  - 
    How to do market research, how to create a realistic business plan with milestones and project steps, what people/skills do you need, what are MVP, KPI, LTV for your project.

  •  - 
    How to start, how to build the right team, vision, motivation, how to prepare for publishers/investors, how to make a compelling pitch.

  •  - 
    Market segmentation and trends overview, possibilities, jobs, conferences, communities, overview of the game production process, why and how to start with game production?

  •  - 
    Test as soon as possible, embrace the failure, rapid iteration of ideas.

  •  - 
    How to make quick prototypes, what is important in the prototype, what should I ignore in the prototype, when to stop developing prototypes.

  •  - 
    How and where to find game assets, how to find someone to create assets for the game, how to modify them and put them in the game, free vs. paid assets.

  •  - 
    What is a vertical slice, why do I need it, when to do it, how to do it, what must be included.

  •  - 
    What data do I need, when, and why, how to make decisions and how to set goals, what tools and metrics do I need to reach the goals, what makes a game successful.

  •  - 
    What can be monetized, how does your game differ from the others, how to select a monetization model, how to set the prices, how much is your game worth.

  •  - 
    How to get funds for your game, what are the options, when to start the fundraising, what do you need for a successful fundraiser.

  •  - 
    How to get funds for your game, do you need a publisher and how to select one, when should you start raising funds, what do you need before you start.

In Co-production with

This project is a part of a partnership network Platform Center for Creativity
co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia.



Q: What is duration of this masterclass?

A: Masterclass will start on 1.3.2022 and last until 14.6.2022.

Q: How will each week look like?

A: Each Tuesday at 17.00, there will be a 1-1.5h lecture given by a seasoned industry expert. Each lecture will provide you with additional resources and practical exercises to hammer in the newly learned concepts.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites for attending the course (experience, knowledge of specific technologies, tools, languages)?

A: No. There are no specific pre-requisites. The class aims to present the content as generally as possible for a layman level.

Q: My wish is to understand how game production works as a whole. WIll I get such knowledge?

A: Yes, this is exactly the intention of this course, to introduce an end-to-end game production process.

Q: Is the whole course planned to be online?

A: Yes. Due to the COVID situation, this release will be limited to the online form only. It will include lectures, but not in-depth workshops which were originally planned for the live execution. We are aiming to offer this in the later instance of the class.

Q: Is the planned class pace one lecture per week? What is the load of the work on a weekly basis?

A: Yes. In the current release, the class will consist of one lecture per week which will be approximately one hour long. The additional workload is only expected from individuals who will want to get a chance to attend the in-person closing event with our sponsors. More details will be given during the course.

Q: May I apply for participation even if I do not have any experience in the field?

A: Yes. The masterclass is planned for a layman-level audience.

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